The Story of my School

The word ‘school’ conjures up many treasured memories in our mind. A few teachers and students take a trip down the memory lane to recount the fascinating story of their school. After all, the story of our life is inseparable from and intertwined with what used to be our second home…


The stepping stone called school

“Like everyone else, I too have some great memories of my school. My school was and is among the topmost schools of the country, so we had some of the best facilities and opportunities. I remember playing the sport of squash with my friends on the terrace. I would actively participate in extracurricular activities. Being the director of the dramatics society, important responsibilities, such as organising Nukkad Nataks(street plays) and raising social awareness, rested on my shoulders. Not only did I enjoy my role immensely, but I also learnt a lot from it. The various school clubs contributed greatly in shaping my personality.”

  • Emanuel Pandey, Embassy of France; Alumnus, Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi


“My school was the first-ever platform that ignited my passion of becoming a lawyer. There were ample opportunities to articulate my thought process and develop the ability to be analytical. Besides, there was an emphasis on building up a level of command over languages, etc. These are significant tools of “being a lawyer”, which I picked up and started to polish right at school level.”

  • Salil Gulati, renowned lawyer; Alumnus, St Xavier’s School, Delhi


“It is my school that showed me how noble a profession teaching is. Community service was a compulsory part of my school, which is a Catholic school. It all began in Class VII, when we were required to take literacy classes with under-privileged children after school hours. This experience that my school gave me introduced me to the art of teaching, a sense of responsibility and communicating effectively as well as building a rapport with complete strangers coming from diverse backgrounds. Had my school not given me the opportunity to contribute to the greater good of society, I would have never understood my role as a citizen.”

  • Aastha Arya, aspiring teacher; Alumnus, Montfort School, Delhi



The story then, the story now

“The story of our schools has greatly changed over the years. Back then, academics was   the only way out to educate and teach students. Today, academics is just one of the many routes adopted by a school for its students as education has undergone a makeover. With the introduction of CCE, there is emphasis on participating in activities, as a result of which, even the backbenchers and shy students are coming to the forefront. I would like to applaud this change.”

  • Pratibha Sapra, teacher, Government school

“I studied at a convent school in the small town of Kanpur.  Imparting morals was the central goal of our school. In fact, there was a subject called Moral Science committed to the cause. Unfortunately, today, the subject is no longer relevant. Because I studied at an all-girls’ school, SUPW was an integral part of our curriculum for it taught us homemaking activities, such as needlework. Thankfully, today, more and more girl students are breaking the glass ceiling and shattering gender stereotypes by picking up sports and activities at school that were once considered manly. It is refreshing to see modern digital technology like Smart Board replacing the old chalk and board methodology of teaching. As more and more schools are adapting to the new-age idea of global education, most of them are forgetting the significance of adding Moral Science, yoga and meditation to the curriculum and daily activities to help students cope with the pressure of performance.”

  • Alka Gulati, teacher, private school


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