Empower your staff

A good principal has to be a good manager, who keeps his/ her teachers and staff motivated at all times. Here is how you can do the same in order to bring the best out of your team…

As a passive agent Sometimes, it is good to be a passive force that sits back and listens and trusts the team enough to perform. In this case, you must ensure that you give your team a good push that is a fine balance of motivation, freedom and space to help them deliver to their maximum potential. Here is how you can achieve this goal as a passive agent…

Be a good support system It is imperative for you to provide enough support to your teachers as well as staff when they need to turn an idea into a reality or when they face a challenge. You could start by being a good listener who listens patiently. Keywords to use: “I am with you!”, “Let me know if you need anything!”, “Feel free to approach me at all times.”

Give freedom & power Another important way to make them feel empowered is by giving them authority and the creative freedom they deserve in order to make them feel a valued part of the school. However, you also need to strike a fine balance here by keeping a check, yet not being intrusive.

Keywords to use: “Yes, absolutely! Go ahead!”, “Yes, this idea is your baby. Make sure you keep me in the loop about its development.” Trust is an indispensable factor when you need your team to not just function, but also function well with confidence and self-belief. You could achieve this by showing them enough trust and telling them that you know they will get the job done in time. Every time you give them an opportunity to

grow, you are telling them that you have faith in them. Keywords to use: “I trust you on this!”, “I know you can do this!” Rewards When a teacher or your staff member surpasses expectations, you must make it a point to appreciate them, preferably, publicly. You can do this by awarding them cash prizes or making a special mention of them in the assembly. You could also introduce a title, such as ‘Teacher of the Month’ .

As an active agent A principal is the leader of the school, therefore, he cannot always sit back and watch as an observer. Most of the time, he is required to be on his toes, even though it may not seem to be so. Here is how you can participate with the team in order to keep them going…

When teachers are confident, instruction in classroom increases Regular discussions/ meetings Hold meetings and discussion once a month to know your team and their strengths and weaknesses better, both on a collective and on an individual level. That apart, you could also discuss the curriculum, the mode of teaching with teachers.

Help acquire new skills When you help teachers acquire new skills, you help students learn new skills too. Every once in a while, you could organised some fun classes directed at this. For instance, aerobics or playing an instrument etc. What research says… Numerous researches have been undertaken to understand the impact of good school management on teachers and staff members. Here is what common studies have shown…

  • Giving teachers new opportunities, especially leadership roles, enhances their confidence in instructing a classroom.
  •  Theory of Collective Efficacy: When there is an improvement on the collective as well as individual level, it has a great impact on the school too.
  • Studies have shown that principals have a major role to play when it comes to building a community of teachers who work alongside each other with improvement as a common goal.

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